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To all members of NALG-NSW

Colin Philpot our 2018 Champion!
Our 2018 Championship event at the challenging Twin Creeks layout only attracted 26 participants. However, despite the dry conditions the course was in good order and in the process of being prepared for the NSW PGA Championships to be held in the near future.
The clear winner on the day was Colin Philpot with a very solid 81 strokes. Colin will be the first name on the new Championship board, dedicated to former secretary John Griffin, as the old board being completely full.
Results for the day were;
Stroke Winner                     Colin Philpot            81
Stroke Runner-up                Paul Sproules          86 c/b
Net Winner                           Bruce Richardson   72
Stableford Winner                Steve Lill                37 pts (off 4 handicap)
2nd Alan Cox
17th Paul Sproules  
The Tony Barr annual point score event progress following Twin Creeks            

Warwick Stanwell            23
Bruce Richardson           20              
Peter Aroney                   18
Col Aldrick                       16
Dennis Allen                    14
Geoff Martin                    14
With 2 events to go there is plenty of opportunity to get among the prizes.                                      
Next Event:
The event at the highly rated Newcastle Golf Club at Stockton on October 18th will incorporate Mangrove Mountain members v The Rest with both lefties & righties involved. The Mountain men are keen to put a stake in the ground and win this inaugural event, so The Rest will need to be on their game.
Remainder of 2018 Program
Details are on the website at
  • Thursday 18th October Newcastle Golf Club Stockton
  • Monday 29th October to Friday 2nd November National Championships Barossa Valley SA
  • Wednesday 12th December Avondale for end of year wrap-up.

National Championships:
For members participating in the National Championships I wish you well. I am disappointed that I cannot join you on this occasion to enjoy the golf and local produce. I look forward to reading about your successes.
Quote: Whoever said;” Practice makes perfect”, obviously never played golf.
Enjoy your next round.
Rex Langthorne AM
Coupe of photos, courtesy of Marshall White, from the presentation. Bruce Richardson Net winner on right in 1st and our champion Coin Philpot in the middle flanked by Captain Mike Simon on left and Rex Langthorne on right.